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Serving Allentown PA, Lubbock TX, and Gaffney, SC

At Visions of Life in Allentown, PA, our no. 1 goal is to get you off the streets. We will help you find visions of a new life by overcoming homelessness. Founded by John Gaal, our agency has over 2 years of experience. We work with several government officials, city and state agencies, urban affairs liaisons, and police officers. We operate through donations and have flexible hours.

Homeless Service - Allentown, PA - VISIONS OF LIFE

Learn More About VISIONS OF LIFE:

  • Helps you find rental properties
  • Helps you find employment
  • Helps you find health care services
  • Helps you get social security benefits
  • Helps you resolve evictions
  • And more

Contact Visions of Life today at 864-206-4449, 806-252-2313 (voice mail only)  for an appointment.

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Visions of Life

Hours of Business:
24-hour emergency service

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